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Catch a movie with me!

An uplifting film about how children overcome challenges with determination, simply for a chance to attend school. There'll also be sponsorship booths showcasing WV’s work in various communities, manned by past trippers and volunteers.

Shared joy is double joy!

Double the impact and love by sponsoring more children or spreading the word with your friends. Enjoy a $10 Cold Stone Creamery voucher when you refer your friends to World Vision!

Let's be a giving nation!

Join the ‪#‎50KidsForSG50‬ movement for child sponsorship and together we can transform Singapore into a giving nation!

A former sponsored child from India was the first in his village to graduate from college!

“I had my sponsor support me in my journey to acquire knowledge that comes from being educated, so now it’s my responsibility to invest in the future generation of my village, so that the cycle of giving continues,” Lalramsan says.

Yaya Gulale: A dream come true

Let Pamela take you on a journey to Ethiopia as she recounts her visit there and the highlight of her trip, meeting and interacting with her sponsored child!